jewelry repair Portland, ME

Jewelry Repairs

Almost all jewelry repairs are done right on the premises by our experienced master jewelers.

Most repairs are completed in two days. 

At L & L Jewelers we can repair just about anything, including soldering, sizing, stone setting, and prong re-tipping.

We also repair frames for prescription glasses.

Diamond & Gemstone Recutting

Do you have a gemstone or a diamond that is chipped or scratched? We can re-cut or polish your stone to bring its beauty back to life. We also re-cut old miner and old European cut gems.

Bead Restringing

Do you know that your strands of pearls should be restrung every couple of years to ensure their safe wear? Bring your pearls to L & L Jewelers, and our experienced professionals will restring them, clean them and make them look like new. We can also restring gemstones and beads.